Ideas for Popular Italian Food for Weddings

The theme of the wedding will determine the kind of food that will be served. For an Italian themed wedding, it makes sense to serve Italian food.

There are some foods that are popular in Italy for different reasons, but when it comes to weddings not all of them are appropriate. For example, it would not make sense to serve people pizza in a wedding.

Knowing the most popular foods in Italian weddings can help anyone plan their wedding effectively. Additionally, it can help people have an idea what to expect at their reception.

Fiorentina Steak

Also known as the Florentine T-bone Steak, this dish covers all the characteristics found in Italy’s best dishes. With this in mind, it is also a great meal for a wedding.

However, one should note that serving this meal does not come cheap.

The thickness of the steak will vary with the distance from the loin. Its preparation is quite quick as it takes five to seven minutes of cooking on each side of the steak.

The cooking duration is however determined by the thickness of the steak.

In most cases, the outside is cooked, but the inside remains very rare. People who consider using the steak as part of the food served at their wedding should ensure their guests will not mind eating rare steak.

This steak is native to Tuscany, and is best prepared by a native of the region. If your food budget allows it, this can be a great option for a wedding reception.

Main Course Suggestions for Italian Wedding

If you have decided to have an Italian course, you will need to know the types of food that are considered to be part of an Italian themed wedding. These foods can vary depending on your tastes and preferences.

It is not uncommon to have pasta in a wedding. The varieties you can use include, but are not limited, to linguine, penne, lasagna, Paccheri, Fusilli, or even spaghetti. Other options include tortellini/ravioli, risotto, or gnocchi.

Of course, you will need an expert to show you the best pairings for these foods. You also need to choose the sauces to go with the pasta that you decide to serve. An expert can advise you on this as well.

Make sure you do some research, online or offline, so that you can make an informed decision. Alternatively, you can consult with some of the local or online wedding caterers to have an idea of the best pairings.


Apart from being associated with Ligurian cuisine. It is Italy’s most delicious and popular type of bread, making it one of the popular Italian foods for weddings.

Its name means flatbread baked on earth, and is derived from “Panis Focacius,” which is a Latin term.

The countless varieties available make it even more popular as an Italian food for weddings. In most cases, the Fugassa is the most preferred variety.

It is found in Genoa, and is typically made using a combination of extra virgin olive oil, salt, water, yeast, and wheat flour.  

For a wedding, the preparation will vary with the taste and needs of the guests. Flavoring can be done by adding basil, tomatoes, and garlic.

A famous variant of Fugassa is Focaccia with rosemary, which is normally served at weddings as table bread.

This a good option if you plan on having some kind of starter for wedding guests. You can offer a bowl of soup to go with the bread.   

Ideas for Popular Italian Food for Weddings

Spaghetti Ala Carbonara or Cicchetti

Some say it was a popular meal among charcoal workers. The reasoning behind this fact is that it derives its name from Carbonaro, which means charcoal burner. Others believe it must have a relation to Carbonari (also known as Charcoalmen).

It is considered to be a popular Italian food for weddings due to its popularity with caterers. The recipe used includes black pepper, Romano cheese, pork jowl (guanciale), and fresh eggs. Cream is never used in Carbonara.

Cicchetti are small and reasonably priced plates of food similar to Spanish tapas. Usually, they are served in Bacari, which are Venice’s traditional wine bars.

They can be anything from bite-sized bits of creamed cod (Baccala Mantecato) to artichoke hearts.

Traditionally the meal is accompanied by a small glass of wine (Ombra), or champagne if you prefer. It is considered to be a popular Italian food for weddings, especially those held in the evening.

Caponata Italian Food for Weddings

Even though this is considered to be Sicilian cuisine, it is a wonderful mash-up of Spanish, Arab, and Greek influences. It is Sicily’s beloved eggplant dish.

The aubergine (eggplant) is the star of this dish. People who are planning a different touch for their Italian themed wedding and need a vegetarian treat should consider Caponata. It has an unforgettable sweet and sour sauce that makes it a great meal.

It can be made using the vegetables available such as capers, celery, and onions. The good thing is there is no standard recipe for this meal. Every caterer or restaurant can decide how to make their own.

With this in mind, an Italian wedding with this food is quite good. The wedding planners can decide the ingredients they want in their caponata.

This means it is a meal that can be prepared to suit the needs of their guests.

It is a popular Italian food for weddings due to the variations possible. For example, one may find pine nuts, raisins, and olives when they order caponata in Sicily and different ingredients when they order it Spanish regions.


If you are in love with mozzarella, this meal will also sweep you off your feet. It is considered to be a popular Italian food for weddings due to the cheese in the food.

We all know Italians and fans of their food love cheese and can put it in almost every type of food.

Burrata was originally made in Murgia. The main ingredients are fresh cream and mozzarella. The result is a rich, buttery artisanal cheese of high quality.

It goes well with anything, including sandwiches and pasta. However, the best application would be spreading it on a slice of crusty bread.

popular italian food for weddings

Bottom Line

These are just ideas and suggestion for the popular Italian food for weddings. For additional information, consult the caterer of your choice, whom you should look for early.

Find one who has done several Italian themed weddings to get an idea of what most people prefer, or what will work with your budget. Make sure you communicate this to the caterers before they are hired.


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