Experience Italian Brunch near 89123 at Prosecco

It is a little late for breakfast and a bit early for lunch. 

Are you craving some Italian cuisine for brunch near 89123?

Where should you go to fulfill your craving?


Serving Italian fare with a modern twist created by Chef Daniele Dotto like our signature Prosecco salad, with fresh cucumber, avocado, and mango for a sweet touch all topped with a delicious balsamic vinaigrette. 

Italian Brunch near 89123

Are you in the mood for some seafood with your eggs? Try our "Ocean View". This omelet is made with lobster and savory shrimp topped with feta cheese and avocado. We even have Vegetarian and gluten free options for those of you who are more conscious of what you eat.

We integrate only the highest quality Italian condiments and ingredients in all of our dishes. So it doesn't matter if it's brunch near 89123, or if you're there around lunch or dinner. We have the perfect Italian cuisine for you to choose from. 

Brunch near 89123? Try our Signature Beny and the Ham!

Try our signature Beny and the Ham. It consists of 2 poached eggs and is served over a hearty ham steak. Beny and the Ham also comes with hash browns that have been roasted and topped with hollandaise sauce. This is named after a favorite of the legendary Sir Elton John himself! So all of you Beny and the Jets fans have to try this signature Italian dish!

Our Wines and Specialty Beverages

Make certain that when you're looking for an Italian brunch near 89123 that you choose Prosecco. Our menu of beverages like Bottomless Mimosas, Bottomless Bellini, Bottomless Rossinni, and wines are brimming to the top with the best Italian cocktails around. Las Vegas is known for their wine and Prosecco is no exception!

There is no need to be a wine connoisseur. If you don't even like wine, try some of our specialty cocktails. They are designed to mimic the Italian style with a hint of Las Vegas added in.

Your Italian brunch is set to be served for fun and sheer savoring of the dishes and drinks in the most Italian way. Smell, sip and savor as if you have already managed to scour the Italian vineyards. 

Italian Ambiance

We know that it is important to not only incorporate significant characteristics of Italian dishes but also to use authentic Italian style ambiance. Our lovely restaurant is designed with modern Italian decor. We make a point to give you the most authentic Italian experience while in the city of Las Vegas.

We make the environment for your Italian brunch bright, dainty and carefree. Serving food in elegant ceramic ware on stylish tables is what we do best. Complement them with the cool yet sophisticated Italian acoustic music or the trendy and groovy Latin American music. The surrounding sounds are always sultry, soulful and sensual and never loud or brash. Making your time here memorable is our utmost goal!

The Best Italian Brunch near 89123 at Prosecco

The Warmth of Italian Welcome at Brunch near 89123 

Your Italian brunch near 89123 should feel like being at home, but with the Italian touch and ambiance. There is amazing food, a throng of drinks, and it is relaxing but at the same time vibrant with music. Also, there is a great display of genuine hospitality. Now, that is the icing atop your Italian brunch. 

So if you are looking for great and truly authentic Italian dining look, feel and taste, drop by Prosecco at 8878 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 104, Las Vegas, NV 89123 or make a reservation online here.


Prosecco is an Italian white wine, served chilled and best known as a sparkling (spumante) perlage, which can be (frizzante) semi-sparkling or (tranquillo) a still wine. Spumante is brut, extradry, dry or demi-sec based on sugar content. The name is derived from an Italian village of Prosecco near Trieste, a city-seaport and capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia region, where the grapes likely originate. The grapes that produce Prosecco is officially termed “Glera” since 2009 by the European Union.

This light-green skinned grape is the main content of Prosecco which originates from the northeastern region of Italy, historically noted during Roman times. Other grape varieties reported (15% maximum) are the following: Verdiso, Biachetta Trevigiana, Perera, Glera lunga, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Nero.

Prosecco DOCG has attained the highest level of Italian wine quality and is unique to Veneto and Fruili regions of Italy. There are strict regulations governing the production of each bottle. The controlled label itself tells the story of the vintage, appellation, region, content and volume.

Prosecco was recognized as a grape variety producing wine that has been around for hundreds of years and has evolved to become an exceptional sparkling wine. We are inspired and proud to present our passion for food, provide the destination to enjoy Italyʼs favorite flavors and share our culinary experience with you.