Best Italian Food and Wine Pairing

There are very few things that are as close to perfection as a nice bottle of wine and Italian food. There are songs about this match, which is said to be made in heaven.

This drink and food pairing is recommended for the perfect date. 

In most cases, any Italian food will pair well, irrespective of the wine. But if you want to feast like a king or a true Italian, you may need to get information on the best Italian food and wine pairing. 

Best Italian Food and Wine Pairing

Pasta with Ragu, Bolognese, or Pomodoro and Merlot

Pasta is unavoidable when it comes to Italian food. The same case applies for the best Italian food and wine pairing. Pasta pairs beautifully with a savory and rich tomato-based sauce.  

Most people call it the “red sauce” due to the red hue from the tomatoes. Since this food is popular, you may need to have a wine pairing to make sure you enjoy the meal. 

The most common red sauces in Italian food are Ragu, Bolognese, and Pomodoro. Since they are tangy, hearty, and savory sauces, they need a wine that will match their bold flavors. 

This is why the majority of Italian sommeliers will suggest taking a rich red wine with such a meal. 

Zinfandels and Merlots tend to be aromatic enough to make this one of the best Italian food and wine pairing. Such wines match the sauces strong punch of tartness; making them the best choice. 

Other drink options for pairing wines with red sauces include:

  • Italian Chianti
  • Sangiovese

Sauvignon Blanc and Cheese Risottos

The risotto is among the best Italian side dishes. It's also one of the hardest to pair with wine.

This is due to its melty, creamy, and often cheesy flavors. 

Figuring out the best option is not easy. Experts have looked into the matter and have decided the best Italian food, and wine pairing for risotto is a Sauvignon Blanc. 

The texture and creaminess of a good risotto need a wine with a strong, yet gentle finish. 

This wine is the best option as it can withstand the oils found in a risotto. Additionally, it is able to match the tangy undertones present in many risottos. With this in mind, matching the sauce to the wine will be a great move on your part.

If you cannot get a Sauvignon Blanc, the next best option would be a White Zinfandel.

Alternatively, you can use a Chablis to make this the best Italian food and wine pairing.  

Pasta Burro or Pasta Alfredo and Pinot Grigio

We have some great news for lovers of buttery, creamy pasta. Compared to red sauces, these dishes vary greatly when it comes to wine pairings.

The lipids and the oils in the sauce are the reason why any buttery pasta tends to work well. 

Red wines have a large amount of acidity, which meshes well with the overall texture of a sauce. With this in mind, a Pinot Noir or Sangiovese will work well with such dishes. 

At the same time, white wines are known to bolster the flavor of pasta profiles. This means something like a Pino Grigio, Reisling, or Chardonnay may pair well with pasta. 

Take note that you will have to consider what your preferences are if you are to get the best pairing for pasta. 

The best Italian food and wine pairing for creamy sauces can be any of the ones mentioned above. You can also experiment to find the one that suits you best. 

Sparkling Wine and Pizza

You can’t think about the best Italian food and wine pairings, and not talk about pizza. Pizza is the most popular Italian food item in the world. In certain cities, there are pizza parlors on every block. 

It, therefore, makes sense to have an idea of the best wine pairings for pizza. It may seem unlikely, but a majority of wine experts dislike pairing wine with pizza. 

Many will suggest a light beer in place of wine, because beer, in this case, is better at cleansing the palate. 

The following is a suggestion of how to go about pairing wine with pizza:

The wine should be redder with the rate of tomatoes used in the pizza. Red wines are popular when it comes to plain pizza. 

Most experts and critics agreed that the universal pairing should be sparkling wine. It tends to pair well with Pomodoro, cheese, and pizza crusts. Furthermore the bubbles clear your palate. 

Choices for best Italian food and wine pairing for pizza are Prosecco (best overall), Pinot Noir (for tomato heavy pies), Chardonnay (best for white pizza), and Syrah (for meat toppings).  

Italian Chianti and Lasagna

Stuffed shells, lasagna, and Zit tend to have similar flavors. The reason is that all have a decent amount of pasta, loads of Tuscan herbs, rich tomato sauce, and creamy cheese.

This is why they are a full category when it comes to bets Italian food and wine pairing. 

Wine pairing in this instant can be quite tricky due to the flavor elements that work well with both white and red wines. At the same time, this leads to a nice range of pairing options in both white and red ranges. 

Most people have the opinion that rich flavors found in lasagna or lasagna-like dishes blend beautifully with red wines. 

In this case, the bolder and darker the red, the better. This is why it's advisable to pair lasagna with Sangiovese, merlots, and Chiantis varietals if you want the best Italian food and wine pairing.  

Fans of white wine will suggest using a dry white wine where cheese is involved. A white wine that has a dry flavor and is robust is usually the best option. 

A dry Chardonnay or Pino Grigio are great options to choose from. 

What to Remember

As a general rule of thumb, white wine goes with white food. For instance, if you are eating pasta with cheese or a vegetable sauce without tomatoes, the general choice should be white wine. 

The same rule should be applied when consuming meat. Fish and chicken go well with white wines. Beef and steaks go well with red wine. 

Keeping this in mind should help you make the right decision when it comes to Italian food and wine. 

best italian food and wine pairings


Pairing Italian food with wine should be fun for anyone who is interested in the same. You should not be conservative, rather try out various variations like using white wine instead of red. 

If you're in a restaurant and you are not sure about the best pairing options, never hesitate to ask the sommelier for advice.   

Examples of Gluten Free Italian Food

Some people have zero tolerance for gluten, while others just want a gluten-free meal.

Whatever your reasons, you can still enjoy great Italian food, even if it is gluten-free.

If you are living or visiting Italy, it is likely you will want to know how to avoid gluten. Finding gluten-free Italian food is not an easy feat given that there most popular foods contain wheat. 

However, with the right information, you can make sure your Italian food is gluten-free. 

Examples of Gluten Free Italian Food

Gluten Free Pizza and Pasta

We all know pizza is an all-time Italian favorite food. Most pizzas you will come across will have gluten.

This does not mean you should not eat pizza at any time. Italian restaurants and eating spots also have gluten-free pizzas. 

You can request for rice, chickpea, or corn flour based pizza.

Make sure the establishment uses different pans and surfaces for your pizza because it is easy for the wheat flour from other foods to find its way to yours if the surfaces are shared.

If you are not sure about the establishment, you can look for a place that only deals with gluten free Italian food. This way, you will be guaranteed of a 100% gluten-free pizza.

It may seem like an impossibility, but there is pasta that is gluten-free. This pasta is made using corn or chickpea. Some of these pastas may have a better flavor than normal pasta depending on preference. 

If you wish to prepare it yourself, you can purchase the pasta at a store. Otherwise, you can eat in restaurants serving gluten-free pasta. 

Grilled Meat/Risi E Bisi and Risotto

The best way to avoid gluten is by eating alternative food such as grilled fish or meat. This way, you are guaranteed of having gluten free Italian food. 

You can even eat arrosticini, which is basically meat skewers made from Abruzzo. This meat is usually from sheep. Make sure you confirm there is no dredged or breaded flour on the fish before it is cooked. 

Risotto is one of the most popular dishes in Italy. It is a rice dish, usually creamy, made using many variations. Majority of these dishes have butter in their recipe, and use onion and wine as their base.

Risi e Bisi it’s some sort of food with its basis from risotto. It is made using diced pork and fresh peas. The pork is usually pancetta or prosciutto, but at times ham or bacon can be used.   
Both these dishes are safe for non-gluten consumers. However, it is always wise to confirm you are being served gluten-free Italian food just to be sure.

Rice and Salads

This is one of the meals that is guaranteed to be gluten-free. You can decide to eat it plain or fry it.

When you decide to fry rice, you can use other ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, and potatoes. Take note that you can cook your rice any way you want it as long as you do not use wheat flour. 

This can be a great gluten-free Italian food you can make at home.  

For the most part, salads are considered to be gluten-free. However, it is always wise to be sure especially if you have gluten intolerance. A good example of a salad you can eat is Insalata Caprese. 

It is a delicious and simple salad of mozzarella slices, basil, and tomato. If this is not available, you can ask for an alternative salad as long as it is gluten-free Italian food.

Panelle, Cecina, or Farinata/Ragu/Lentils and Beans/Polenta/Porchetta

Farinata, Cecina, and Panelle are all chickpea flour based, but each is made using a unique method. For starters, a Panelle is made by frying, while the Farinata and cecina are baked. A cecina is also thinner than a Farinata. 

All these types of bread are on the list of gluten-free Italian food. You just need to make sure that they are made using pure chickpea flour.

Ragu is mostly a pasta sauce made using meat. The most famous version of this food is the Bolognese sauce. 

Lentils and beans are also great options and should be fine as long as breadcrumbs, pasta, or flour is not added. If you are eating these at a restaurant, make sure you ask for a gluten-free version.  

Another popular gluten-free option is Polenta, boiled cornmeal. It can either be allowed to cool into a loaf and sliced, or can be served as hot as porridge. It can also be fired, baked, and incorporated into other dishes. 

If you are a lover of pork, Porchetta can be a good option for you. These are tender, savory pork roasts. They should be gluten-free as long as they are not breaded.   

Pesto Alla Genovese and Pesto, Sausages, and Stracciatella

Pesto Alla Genovese and pesto are pastes made using fresh oil and basil blended with hard cheese, salt, pine nuts, and garlic. 

Cheese options you can use for this include Pecorino or Parmesan.  If you want more regular options to feature in your meal, you can include sausages.

Sausages are a popular gluten-free food across the world that you can enjoy if you are intolerant to gluten. Just make sure you choose those that do not use flour in their casing. Italy has a variety of tasty options for this kind of food. 

A good example is Salsiccia Fresca. It is sausage made using pork, with fennel seeds seasoning. Mortadella ham is another option. 

It is a big pork-based sausage usually eaten at lunch, and it has little pork fat cubes throughout it (which is similar to Bologna).

Stracciatella is a soup, which is a kind of Italian traditional egg drop soup. It is on the list of gluten-free Italian food because it is made using seasonings, parmesan, eggs, and broth made using meat. 

It is safe as long as you confirm it does not have any breadcrumbs, pasta, or flour.

Caponata and Semifreddo and Panna Cotta Desserts

Caponata is described as a sour and sweet eggplant dish. It is a gluten-free Italian food as long as the recipe does not include flour with gluten. 

A gluten-free option for dessert is Semifreddo which is any semi-frozen dessert. It is mostly made using sugar, cream, eggs, and other ingredients. 

Panna cotta is basically a dessert made up of sugar and cream, with gelatin to thicken and flavored using a variety of ways.

All of these treats are okay as long as no gluten-laden ingredients are used.  

Advice on Gluten Free Italian Food


These are examples of Italian gluten-free meals that you can enjoy. All these can be found in the form of online recipes, or by visiting an Italian restaurant near you. 

Finding the best gluten-free Italian food should not be a challenge as long as you make use of these examples. There are a lot of other options that you can explore so go ahead and try other gluten-free Italian foods. 

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