We Serve the Best Italian Food Las Vegas Has to Offer

Craving for some fine dining, the Italian way? 

Amid this always busy and eventful city, where may you be able to find yourself the best Italian food Las Vegas has to offer?

Where do you turn to look? Where do you find that one restaurant that only serves the best Italian dishes?

Here are the factors that will make you turn to look and assess the restaurant.

The Best Italian Food Las Vegas with Serene and Calm Ambiance

You have the expectations of only the best atmosphere, great client service and remarkable food. 

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This Italian restaurant that catches your fancy must have a certain calm to it. It must have a quiet elegance and silent sophistication that is just perfect for some quality time. Spend your night on good conversations with family and friends over the best Italian food Las Vegas has to offer. It should be the kind of cozy that is fitting for relaxation, and chats and witty exchange of banter. 

The Great Staff Service

Who does not want customer service of superior quality? 

You may want to consider this when scouring for a nice restaurant that serves Italian food in Las Vegas. From the moment you step in the restaurant, are you greeted with genuine warmth? Are you acknowledged with a candid and sincere smile by the staff members who are about to attend to you? 

The servers should promptly ask you for the place of the seats which you prefer. They need to make certain you are comfortably settled prior to politely handing you the menu. The servers need to be attentive to your orders and your other needs. Answering all your queries with regards to the menu with not just great enthusiasm but with obvious and impressive knowledge is important! Do they make suggestions as you narrow down your choices of dishes? Teamwork amongst the servers and the chefs in charge of the cuisine should be apparent.

If they are using all these purposes of providing you excellent services, then you may have just bumped into by far the best restaurant personnel in your life in Las Vegas. 

Authentic Italian Food You Crave for in Las Vegas

Serve the Best Italian Food Las Vegas Has

The food shall keep you seated and with a secret smile on your face as you munch on it. If the food ever makes you want to leave early, it should be because you cannot wait to preach to your other colleagues and friends about the authenticity of the Italian food you are just relishing. Another reason for you to leave early is because your meal is so good you cannot wait for the day when you will come back to try the restaurant’s other dishes. 

Authentic Italian food uses only the best ingredients which will figuratively take you to Italy, making you feel and smell the European scent of the country. Wonder about and savor the history of how the food was first concocted and turned into what you are eating at the moment. Authentic Italian food is matched with wines of only the finest Italian fermentation. 

With the wondrous ambiance and excellent client service, the food is expected to meet this standard just as much, if not exceed it. 

If all these three you are able to find in one fine dining place, then it must be Prosecco. At Prosecco, we only serve the best Italian food Las Vegas has ever tasted.


Prosecco is an Italian white wine, served chilled and best known as a sparkling (spumante) perlage, which can be (frizzante) semi-sparkling or (tranquillo) a still wine. Spumante is brut, extradry, dry or demi-sec based on sugar content. The name is derived from an Italian village of Prosecco near Trieste, a city-seaport and capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia region, where the grapes likely originate. The grapes that produce Prosecco is officially termed “Glera” since 2009 by the European Union.

This light-green skinned grape is the main content of Prosecco which originates from the northeastern region of Italy, historically noted during Roman times. Other grape varieties reported (15% maximum) are the following: Verdiso, Biachetta Trevigiana, Perera, Glera lunga, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Nero.

Prosecco DOCG has attained the highest level of Italian wine quality and is unique to Veneto and Fruili regions of Italy. There are strict regulations governing the production of each bottle. The controlled label itself tells the story of the vintage, appellation, region, content and volume.

Prosecco was recognized as a grape variety producing wine that has been around for hundreds of years and has evolved to become an exceptional sparkling wine. We are inspired and proud to present our passion for food, provide the destination to enjoy Italyʼs favorite flavors and share our culinary experience with you.