Suggestions for the Best Italian Dishes Kids

Most adults enjoy Italian cuisine because it is simple and delicious. The thing most people do not consider is finding out the best Italian food for kids. 

If you are planning to travel to Italy with your kids, you will need to know the best Italian food for kids. Obviously, pizza is one of the most popular Italian food when it comes to kids. There are other popular foods for kids in Italy that you should know about. 

Suggestions for the Best Italian Dishes Kids

Pizza and Spaghetti

The type of pizza that is found in local eateries and restaurants is Pizza Margherita. It was originally created in 1889 for Queen Margherita, hence the name. It is made using basil, Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and other ingredients. 

The original pizza was made using the colors of the Italian flag. The tomatoes represented the red color, basil for the green, and Mozzarella cheese for the white. 

It is considered as the best Italian dishes for kids due to its popularity with children of all ages. 

Spaghetti is another popular Italian dish, enjoyed by both adults and children. Spaghetti can be enjoyed by using many types of different sauces. 

There are different types of pasta; all of which are made from wheat flour. It can be cooked in a variety of ways which kids can enjoy while exploring Italy and at home.

Spaghetti Bolognese is one such meal. It was originally from northern Italy, in a city known as Bologna.

To make this meal one of the best Italian dishes for kids, you should serve with mince-meat tomato sauce. This kind of sauce is loved by many children all over the globe.  

Lasagna or Polenta

This is another typical pasta dish originating from Naples. It is made with layers of square and flat shaped pasta, as well as sauce. For people who are keen to eat a healthy meal, lasagna can be made using spinach. 

Preparation of lasagna will vary from one region to another. In most cases, it is made using tomato sauce containing vegetables such as eggplants (aubergines) minced-meat in tomato sauce, Ricotta (a soft cheese), or Mozzarella. 

To make it one of the best Italian dishes for kids, tomato sauce, and minced meat is a compulsory ingredient.

Polenta is a traditional Italian food made using corn. It has its origins in northern Italy, and was considered food for the poor. However, in Roman times, it was one of the most popular foods for Roman legions. 

People with children who are vegans can offer them this food. It does not contain any meat or dairy products. This is why it is among the best Italian dishes for kids.  

Pesto, Parmesan or Parmigiana Cheese, Mozzarella

This is a green sauce made using finely grated Parmesan cheese, pine nuts, crushed basil leaves, garlic, and olive oil. For children, it can be served as a dip or an accompaniment of simple pasta dishes.  

Coming from the Parmigiano-Reggiano region in Italy is Parmesan cheese. It is hard cheese and is usually referred to as the “King of Italian Cheese.”

It is considered to be one of the best Italian dishes for kids because it can be eaten as a special treat after dinner, or grated over salads or pasta. 

Mozzarella is one of the most popular cheeses in Italy. It is typically made using water buffalo milk, but it can also be made using cow’s milk. It is a white and soft cheese, which is cut, then formed into balls.

The balls are then stored in salt water brine to ensure they remain soft and do not dry out. This type of cheese is normally used as toppings in lasagna and pizza. 

It can also be eaten with basil and slices of tomato, a food referred to as Caprese salad. 

Bruschetta / Prosciutto or Parma Ham

Bruschetta is a typical Italian Antipasto. The best description of this food is a bread slice that has been oven grilled. Before the grilling, the slice of bread is rubbed with oil and garlic. 

It is then shortly grilled before being topped with mozzarella, olives, salami, ham, basil or tomato.

The toppings can be a combination of any of the mentioned options. 
It's considered one of the best Italian dishes for kids as it can be modified to suit a child’s taste or preference. 

Prosciutto or Parma ham is dry-cured ham made using pork, and is carved thinly. It is eaten as a starter dish (antipasti), usually with Grissini (breadsticks) or melon slices. 

Grissini can be found in most Italian restaurants, set on tables and used as a pre-meal snack as people wait for their ordered meals. Grissini also goes well with most Italian soups, and this can be consumed as a starter. 


Frozen is the meaning of Gelato in Italian. It is typical Italian ice-cream, which comes in a variety of flavors and colors. Usually, it is served as balls in a cup or wafer cone. 

For children, chocolate flavor is the most popular Gelato. Another popular flavor is Stracciatella. It is vanilla ice-cream that has been sprinkled with chocolate pieces. 

Gelato is said to have its roots in the Dolomites Mountains in the north of Italy. In southern Italy, in places like Sicily, icy deserts have a long tradition. Different regions of Italy have their own preparation and preferred Gelato.

Colder mountain regions prefer more cream and milk in their ice-cream. In the hotter regions of Italy, Gelato is made as a Sorbet whereby milk is replaced with fruit juice. 

Even though it is not a meal as such, Gelato is popular with children of all ages making it one of the best Italian dishes for kids.  

Cannoli or Tiramisu

It is one of the best Italian dishes for kids, and usually served as a desert. It is made with wafer rolls that have been filled with sweet cream. Chocolate sauce or a fruit topping is usually added to make it sweeter. 

Tiramisu is a favorite Italian dish and popular with children. It is made by soaking ladyfinger biscuits in espresso coffee. 

After the soaking is done, the biscuits are topped with lots of cocoa and cream cheese (Mascarpone). 

best italian dishes for kids


All these are a few of the best Italian dishes for kids you can find anywhere. Some are even popular with people of all ages. 

Make sure you consider them if you are planning an Italian meal with your family. Although pizza is a favorite among children, consider the other foods as healthier options.  


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